The Bradleys

meet the Bradleys!  I have to say, this family was one of the most adorable, natural, affectionate families I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing!  Spinning, dancing, jumping, tickling, cuddling; this one’s a keeper!



what’s special about this shoot?  well besides the fantastically golden november light, Abby just happens to be one of my sister’s best friends!  as usual, her sparkling smile was completely irrepressible (no, seriously.  our “pensive” shots were a joke)
just get a load of this gorgeousness!


Adriane wins the “hottest-shoot-of-the-year” award.  And not just because she’s gorgeous.  I think it was “only” 103* but it sure felt like 115.*  Despite the heat, we enjoyed some lovely light and had fun running around the train-tracks and through the stream, plus Adriane (and her best friend Rachel) brought a bunch of balloons.  Hooray!
But check them out for yourself:

(I LOVE it when my clients goof off; they make my favorite pictures)





warm light, silky newborn skin, and a perfect sleeper made
this newborn session my favorite by far:

thanks for inviting me over to photograph your son, Seth and Rebecca!
It was an absolute delight!

The McCoys

The McCoys are a special family.  For starters they’re my largest ever.  Not 2 kids, not 4 kids, but 6!  But more importantly, Mrs. M scheduled this shoot so they could have pictures to remember Mr. M by while he’s serving abroad.  So these pictures aren’t just Christmas card covers, they’re a snapshot of the joy and affection of McCoy family life.  Most of all, I love their natural, frank smiles.  I barely had to coach them at all!  The happiness just came bursting out!


(can I just say that this picture illustrates my favorite part of portrait photography?  that magical moment where the walls come down and you just be yourself)